Saturday, May 3, 2014

Plein Air Painting Near Plymouth, California

Sometimes I get very discouraged by my plein air painting efforts.  But then I look at a picture like this and I realize that being an artist....even a struggling such a wonderful gift.  Every day out side is a blessing to be enjoyed and remembered.  On this day, I joined Julie Trail, Vickie Chew and Howard Rees at the Old Shenendoah School House near Plymouth California, in the gold rush country of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

The photo really says it all.  Julie (left) and Vickie begin painting an old barn just off to the left of this photo.  Howard was on the other side already well into his painting.  Can you look at this and not be just a little envious of us?   We are lucky indeed to be artists in this beautiful time and place.

And my painting was....well...OK.  But the company was great and the morning was exquisite, so who's complaining!(I spent a few minutes in the studio on the painting-particularly on the ground in front of the barn.)

Old Barn near Plymouth California   Oil on 9x12 linen panel

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  1. What a great post. I love seeing the site for your painting day. Your old barn just sings with wonderful color. Nice brushwork as well.

  2. Thanks Ruth...we missed you on this outing...see you at the next one!