Monday, April 28, 2014

Wine Bottle with Pears - Still Life Oil

Still life painting still intrigues me.  I'm finding that the more I paint from "life", the more the prospect of painting from photographs seems to be lacking.  The reality is, of course, that for practical reasons, painting from photos is almost unavoidable for most of us. Access to models whenever we want to paint a portrait or a figure just isn't possible and plein air painting opportunities are not as frequent as we might like.  Still life painting represents "instant" opportunities for painting from life almost anytime the urge strikes. And the added benefit is that I get to create the composition before I set a brush to canvas - and that's  a lesson in itself.

I completed this still life about two weeks ago, but I've been undecided about it.  After looking at it for some time, I lightened the table top a little and called it done. 

Wine Bottle with Pears and Grapes   Oil on stretched canvas  12 x 16

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  1. Another beautiful piece. I love, love, love the texture that you're able to portray (the grapes are luscious!).

  2. Bruce, This is a new favorite. I do enjoy seeing these still life paintings. Beautiful works!

  3. Thank you Sue and are both wonderful supporters and cheerleaders, and I appreciate it truly.

  4. I so like the energy you impart to your still life work. They are anything but still!

  5. Thank you Shirley, that's a comment I sincerely appreciate.

  6. Regarding models, Rockwell said pretty much the same thing: the availability of models were less and less so I can see why your beautiful still life have become great subject matter. This really is a stunning example of what's possible.