Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blue Vase with Oranges and Grapes

The composition in this painting evolved as it was painted.  That's not a good way to do things, but it was a good learning experience.   I started out with just the blue vase, the copper bowl, grapes and oranges.  But the arrangement left a large empty background to the right...and even some empty table space right below it.  When the painting was nearly complete I decided to see if I could fix the awkward and unbalanced composition by adding the vine leaves and small flowers and the apple along with a couple of grapes.  I think it addressed one problem, but created a second one, albeit less noticeable in my opinion.   Now I have a vertical on the right as well as the left!  An odd composition for sure, but at least the canvas is no longer empty.  I'd say the 'fix' worked overall.

I love this vase.  I've never used it in a still life before, but I will again.  And it is a natural and complimentary foil to the oranges.  I enjoyed creating this painting...and I also enjoyed the challenge of the in-progress adjustments. 

Blue Vase with Oranges and Grapes.    12 x 16 oil on canvas panel.

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  1. The blue is so strong, it takes a lot to balance it.
    Just for fun I tried copying your painting and then rotating it 180 degrees to put the vase on the right.
    I like it however it's a personal view
    The green from the grapes repeating in several areas is pleasing

  2. Hi Neil....that's a great idea about rotating the painting to see if the composition holds up still. I will do that. I've been taught that one other trick to test composition (and other issues) is to turn a painting upside down. Of course, I didn't think to try that either!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!