Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stylin' A Model A "portrait" in oil

Recently I visited a most unusual show of antique Caterpillar tractors along with collections of other antique 'working' vehicles, including logging trucks.  The Hangtown As, a Model A restoration club out of Placerville, California ( once called Hangtown in the Gold Rush days) joined the show.   I got some great pictures of all of the equipment.

This beautiful Model A convertible is a 1931 vintage I believe.  She is stunning in bright yellow on a summer day.  I couldn't really do her justice, but it was fun to try.

Stylin'     oil on 8 x 10 linen panel  

To PURCHASE or BID on this original oil painting, please click HERE

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  1. Very sweet painting. I love it.

  2. Thank you Ruth....I really enjoy dolng small sketches like this....

  3. We all over here in Kansas this Sunday morn and Alvin (aka The Fonz) likes your car too - which goes to show you even a prima.... primiative ? - can appreciate art. Beautiful and we's especially like the yellow. Good stuff.

  4. Thanks to all my friends in Kansas, Kansas!

  5. Funny, I hadn't noticed that there was a link to purchase these paintings. $99.00 is cheap for this one. Terri's friend Susan in Arizona loves this yellow car and sent Terri a message about it. I'm not sure she was aware that you and I are related (although there was some doubt in the family about you). Speaking of cars, I had to put a serpentine belt on BlueBell yesterday. You know how those things always go. Thank you God for not giving me a career as a mechanic!

  6. I missed this post until just now, Kansas! Yeah, I've put some of the small paintings up for sale on Daily Paintworks. Glad someone likes the old Model A. It's actually one of my favorite paintings done recently.