Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yellow Daisys

Another still life today.  I love the colors in this one. Again it was done with no OMS at all.  The medium was a premixed combination of Damar varnish, turp and stand oil.  From W&N I think.  It works fine, but I think I like the walnut oil better.  The premixed medium is very thin and it seems like it encourages the painter to use a lot of it.  The Walnut Oil, being thicker and heavier, feels better when applied a little at a time.

The background was put on with an inexpensive 1 1/2" brush Using transparent red oxide with a little olive green and in the darker passages, a touch of black.  Very easy and fast.  The transparent colors let the white of the smooth canvas glow through.  I think it's pretty effective.
Daisys  Oil on 20" x 16" canvas

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