Friday, June 22, 2012

Lesson 5 - Pear in a Martini Glass

Lesson 5 from Dan Edmondson was a fun one.  Very straight forward and it went quickly.  About two hours to complete and fun to do.  This one followed the process of the earlier ones with a simpler subject matter.  First the background was laid it, then the area where the pear would go was rubbed out to remove the background paint.  After the pear was blocked in, the martini glass was suggested with a minimum number of strokes.  Finally the grapes were added and the painting was done.

Pear in Martini Glass.  Oil on 9" x 12" canvas panel


  1. Nice to see painting #4. Thanks for the step by step guide to your painting. Love the color.

  2. Il y a une grande délicatesse dans le travail de votre verre. Très jolie composition.

    Gros bisous.