Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lesson 7 Blossoms and Apples *Updated"

As you know if you've been reading my recent posts, I've been taking a DVD still life painting course from Dan Edmondson.  I've really had a good time, and in the process I've learned a number of new techniques for handling paint, color and texture.

This is lesson 7.  I decided to go a bit bigger once again.  The first five lessons were all done on 9 x 12 canvas panel, but this lesson and the previous one (Daisys) are done on 16 x 20 canvas stretched.  I added two coats of gesso to the already gessoed canvas to get it smoother.  I've grown used to that now I find the very absorbent, rough surface of ready made canvas unsuitable, at least for studio work.

This picture has a bit more green tint to it than the original, where the main blossoms in the light are almost white.  I have a little more to to...particularly on the apple slices and on the shadows in the painting.  Perhaps the foreground needs some work too.  I'll give it a day or two before deciding.

Friday I head off to paint in the mountains with friends, Ruth Andre, Howard Rees, Vickie Chew, and Julie Trail....good artists all.  It should be fun!!

Blossoms and Apples  Oil on 16" x 20" canvas
Updated. July 7, 2012:  Today I worked on Blossoms and Apples for another hour or so.  My primary focus was to improve and finish the apples and to lighten the foreground.  I think both have been done successfully.  The green apples now seem to have form and the color is much better.  The table cloth was much too green.  I lightened it with yellow ochre and then added a suggestion of a pattern.  I like the result.  Finally, I worked on a few other details, including shadows.  Overall, I'm pleased with the painting now.  I'll call it done.


  1. J'aime beaucoup votre harmonie de couleurs... Une grande fraîcheur règne dans cette peinture.
    Je suis d'accord avec vous après avoir travaillé longuement sur une toile, il est nécessaire de prendre un temps de recul afin d'avoir un oeil plus objectif.
    Une très belle composition. Je vous souhaite de passer un agréable moment avec vos amis artiste... Un petit bonjour à André Ruth...
    Gros bisous

  2. Amazing painting. I think The composition is lovely and the flower blossoms are breathtaking. Say, hi, to Martine.