Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Little Painting of Pansies

Well, lesson 4 is done....or at least done for today.  This simple little painting was surprisingly difficult.  First, I've never done least in still that was a challenge.  And then, I didn't really like the arrangement.  I didn't feel any excitement or energy and I think the finished painting reflects that: it's dull and flat.  Once again, there were many lessons learned here, some of them hard won.  In the end, I've glad it's over and I'm ready to move on.

Pansies   9" x 12" Oil on canvas panel

UPDATE:  I worked on this little painting again.  I'm still not satisfied, but I think it is somewhat improved.  Oh well, time to move on!


  1. Dull and flat ?? I stopped here because I saw these lovely pansies and the gorgeous vase ! Not dull and not flat :-)

  2. Thank you Jane. I think my frustration was showing a bit when I wrote that post. I had scraped the pansies at least twice...probably more. And it seemed like every time I repainted them, it was worse! Anyway, I do appreciate your comment and I gratefully accept it as a bit of perspective. Painting should be fun, but sometimes I get a little too tense about a particular challenge. However, I definitely do need more practice painting flowers!! LOL!