Sunday, March 23, 2014

Qiang Huang Workshop - Day Two

We started our second day of the Qiang Huang workshop bright and early on Tuesday.  Many of the participants were in place and working on their still life paintings from the day before well ahead of the official starting hour.

One the second day, Qiang again started a demonstration, but this time he had everyone return to their own paintings after each step in the process.  We set up a new still life arrangement for the day.  Honestly I didn't feel comfortable with this arrangement.   In particular I didn't like the lone flower and the foreground seemed a bit scattered to me.   I know a better painter would have made these 'shortcomings' work, but I struggled.  It might have been also that I felt a bit of a come down after the first exciting day of meeting Qiang and finally getting started.   Whatever the case, I was out of rhythm all day. It seemed I forgot everything I already knew and everything I had learned the day before. 

Once again, there were many really beautiful paintings done by classmates.  I was impressed as I struggled along with my own battle.  Qiang's instructions and guidance were as solid as the day before and he gave me suggestions that helped pull my painting out of the abyss even if it came up a bit short in the end.  When I got home I felt mentally and physically exhausted, but I couldn't wait for the next day to begin.

My painting for Day Two.   I have done a little bit of work - on the flower in particular - in the studio but because I didn't have a good photo of the set up, I was unable to do much. However, as I look at it now, it doesn't seem as lost as I had originally thought. 

Red Flower, Orange and Apple   Oil on panel (Ampersand)  9 x 12 

My Art Site: Bruce Hancock Fine Art


  1. Beautiful, Bruce! When we stretch it can feel so uncomfortable. :)

  2. Wow, Susan, isn't THAT the truth! Hopefully next time will be better (famous last words!). Thank you for the generous comment!