Sunday, March 23, 2014

Qiang Huang Workshop - Day Three

The final day of the fabulous Qiang Huang workshop arrived.  I felt refreshed after the previous day's struggles and I was ready to paint!  Once again Qiang started the day with a demonstration.  He picked a "high key" subject for the day's painting, with a light background and lighter colored objects.   He spent some time explaining the different approach that he would use.   Of course it would be the same five steps as before, but the lights and darks would be handled differently. 

During the demonstration, I had the distinct feeling that Qiang was struggling a bit.  He had already admitted that the higher key paintings were something he was still learning and growing with.  Although he never mentioned it, I felt that the day's painting was a battle for him.  I could be totally wrong...and his final painting was lovely .... but I found it very interesting to watch.  Again, I'm totally guessing, but I think his eventual success was based on well-earned confidence that he would win out in the end, and also on self disipline.  When I am in trouble on a painting, I start to "fix" things,going back to passages again and again.  He never did that.  He followed the 'rules', he put it down and left it, he NEVER reworked areas.  The painting stayed fresh and finally came together.  During the workshop I learned so much from Qiang, but maybe on that final day, I learned the most important lesson. Have confidence that what you know will see you through.
I have a front row seat! 

The workshop finally begin to wind down.  I got Qiang to sign his article in the latest Artists Magazine and we took a group photo.
Qiang Huang (left), Patris, (center in pink), me (reddish shirt) and a group of great ARTISTS!

Although I was tired from the intense learning and painting experience, it was sad to see it all draw to a close.  I would love to paint with Qiang and all these painters again.  Thank you Patris!!
Brass Bowl with Oranges   Oil on canvas  9x12

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