Saturday, August 3, 2013

White Vase and Peonies - Still Life

Still life paintings are usually a chance to "let go" with color.  It's one of the reasons I find them so invigorating to paint.  Yesterday's still life was quite the opposite: a lesson in restraint.  The white vase and white flowers made this painting all about values.

White Vase and Peonies   Oil on canvas  12 x 16

This original oil painting is available at
My Art Site: Bruce Hancock Fine Art


  1. Bruce, this is really a lovely painting. The white on white in intriguing. Very subtle color and it works so well.

  2. Thank you Ruth. I forgot to mention that this "lesson" was in a workshop with Suchitra Bhosle. She did the set up and challenged us with the value puzzle.

  3. This is so beautiful! I love the softness of the flowers and the vase.

  4. Thank you Theresa! As I mentioned in the post, this was an exercise in restraint and subtle value changes. It was a challenge that required me to 'stretch' a bit. I'm pleased that you enjoy it.