Sunday, August 18, 2013

Corn Dogs!

Like the post immediately before this one, the subject matter of this sketch was a photo taken at the Amador County Fair this year.  That's a great event that I would recommend to anyone.  Small, on beautiful grounds, family friendly....the way I remember that Fairs used to me.

Anyway, I've been a little worn out from wrestling with complicated and more formal paintings, so I decided to do another small sketch.  Once again I used Ampersand Gessobord and once again, my idea was to try to paint quickly...under an hour if possible.  I had planned to paint big shapes rapidly, and then come back to add the little details and calligraphy that can create a feeling of detail in a quick sketch,  but the figures caused me to slow down quite a bit.  I noodled on them much more than I should have, and as a result I ended up spending twice as long as my goal.  Oh well....I did enjoy it a lot.  As I painted I had Qaing Huang's beautiful little urban sketches with people in mind.  Of course, I didn't even land on the same planet as that gifted painter, but I am not displeased.  I like the perspective on this sketch....I think it has a feeling of depth, even though it is not a large landscape. 

Corn Dogs    Oil on 8" x 10" gessobord panel  

My Art Site: Bruce Hancock Fine Art


  1. Wonderful (and colourful)
    Yes the feeling of depth is there formed by that small line of people.

  2. Thank you Haddock! It was the color of the Corn Dog stand that drew me to this little scene.

  3. You really caught the feeling of the old time County Fair with this painting. It is a lot of fun and very colorful.