Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Four Days In Muphys - Day Three and Four

On the third day of our painting trip and Howard Rees Workshop (http://www.howardreesartist.com/) we traveled a few miles down the road to Columbia.  This amazing little gold rush town is now a State Park with shady streets, restored buildings and lots of charm everywhere.  There's no traffic allowed in town, so it's possible to set up the paint gear virtually anywhere.  However, we found ourselves there on a very hot day with hundreds and hundreds of tourists.  While there were many incredible old buildings to paint, it wasn't as easy as it seemed to get a good vantage point, find some shade and stay out of the way of everyone else.  Several of us found a shady little park at the end of the main street right across from this building.

Columbia Store  Oil on Canvas Panel  12" x 16"
I did a second painting in Columbia, but it isn't worth posting.  I went completely astray on that one!

Finally, on day four, our little group returned to Murphys.  We gathered together at a small town park with a stream running through it.  Kids played in the rapidly moving but very shallow water all day.  Inner tubes were the vehicle of choice.  It took me a long way back to some great summers on the  Yuba River near North San Juan California. 

Shady Spot by the Stream (Murphys CA)  Oil on Canvas Panel  12 x 16
I was in the sun (overcast most of the day) and looking into the shade while painting this.  When I got it home, I was taken back at how subdued and dark it was.  However, I've grown to like it quite a bit.  A different painting for me.  Thanks to Howard for several suggestions that got me unstuck as I painted along.  And thanks to Ray, who painted a scene with the underwater rocks first.  I stole his technique!

With reluctance, I left Murphys and the Gold Country in the late afternoon and headed for hot, hot Sacramento.  A great painting trip!  Thanks again to Howard and Janey Rees.

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  1. Une très jolie publication... deux très belles oeuvres avec des nuances de couleurs extraordinaires...

    De gros bisous et si je ne trouve pas un petit moment avant mon départ pour vous faire un coucou, sachez que je serai de retour à la mi-septembre.

  2. Hello my friend Martine! Thank you for your always kind and generous comments. I will look forward to your return in September. Big Kisses to you!

  3. Hi Bruce! Your Murphy's paintings have so much energy and lively brushwork! I especially love the tree by the stream....I can almost year the water gurgling by and feel the cool shade in those trees. Thanks for pushing on with your paintings, as you are always an inspiration to me! I love to see you painting with such energy! Your results shine! .....Julie

  4. Hi Julie! I wish you could have stayed for the whole trip...but it was good to share two days with you. Thanks for your comments! It was a fun trip!