Monday, August 17, 2015

Zane -- An Oil Portrait from Life

Lately I've had extra time to attend open studio events and to paint in my own studio.  I am beginning to appreciate not only the value of painting more frequently, but also the invaluable experience of painting from life, whether it is a model or a still life.  There's really no substitute.  That's not to say that painting from photographs is a no-no....I have to do it all the time, frankly...but simply that there is nothing else that matches painting from life.  Do it whenever you can.

This painting was done at an open studio at Patris Studio and Art Gallery.  I am more and more interested in limited palettes and today I used a "Zorn" palette of yellow ochre, cad red medium and Ivory black....with titanium white, of course.   I really like the result.

Zane    Oil on linen  12 x 16"

My Art Site: Bruce Hancock Fine Art


  1. It is so good to see your portrait work from life. You really had a lot to think about with this portrait and you did so well. Interesting painting.

  2. Love your portraits too!, are you using Kathleen's palette or are you adding more colors to it?

    1. Thank you Vickie! Almost everything I paint now, I use Kathleen's palette, but I add transparent oxide red to it. However, this particular portrait was my first attempt at using the Zorn palette, which is only yellow ochre, cad red and black. Interesting, especially for portraits. BTW I am taking Kathleen's no whinning workshop in November!

    2. I did that last year! If you need a place to stay I have a great room for you, come and go as you please...... I also use transparent oxide too and azilarin crisom sometimes, just can't get a vibrant enough purple and pink as I like..... like Zorns palette for your portrait the colors work well.....