Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rob On The Road! - Oil Portrait

This week I was able to attend an open session at Patris Studio and Art Gallery in Oak Park. 

Our surprise model for the session was Rob Stewart, host of the very popular "Rob on the Road" television series seen on local public television station KVIE.  Now when I say very popular, the first thing I have to admit is that I have never seen or even heard of Rob's show, but the moment it was announced that he was to be our model, all the other artists went ga-ga!  As usual, I'm the last to know ANYTHING!  If you are like me but would like to know a little more about Rob's show, here's the link to KVIE and to the show's facebook page  (I'm sorry to say that I missed out on the group photo of the event that is posted on Facebook because I had to step outside for about 30 minutes to take a business phone call!  Bummer!)

Rob Stewart  Oil on linen panel,  9 x 12
Anyway, we had a great session and Rob was not only a good model, but he was a terrific sport.  These are the kinds of things that make Patris's studio so much fun and such a great place to enjoy and participate in art. 

Oh....and I'm pleased to say that Rob bought my portrait of him!  

Rob Stewart and my portrait of him.  Patris Studios, Oak Park

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  1. Bruce, You had a great painting day. What fun meeting Rob and painting such a great portrait. Congratulations on the sale too.

    1. It really was a great "Painting Day", Ruth!! (and others can see your many great Painting Days by clicking on the link to your Blog on this page.) Thank you for the pat on the back and for stopping by to say hi.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Patris...and thanks for running a great Studio and Gallery for the benefit of the Sacramento art community.

  3. Nice portrait
    You can see your still life modeling too

  4. Thanks Neil! You know, Seigei Bongart said, "if you can paint still life, you can paint anything." I'm not sure I buy that entirely, but I do think still life is wonderful practice ... and it's techniques and lessons can carry over to other art subjects. Thanks for your comment!