Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Dancer - a Portrait

 I've been working on a full length painting of this beautiful belly dancer.  It's been a real challenge.  Hopefully, I'll be posting the result one of these days, but for now, there's a long way to go.  Today, I did this quick portrait study just for a change of pace.  It doesn't do her justice, but it was fun to do...

A Portrait of  The Dancer   9" x 12" Oil on Canvas

My Art Site: Bruce Hancock Fine Art


  1. Lovely portrait, Bruce. You have captured a very inviting look.

  2. Thank you Ruth and Diana for the nice comments. I've been very intrigued by this young lady's expression - and her great costume - ever since I first saw her and took the picture. I still haven't gotten the expression captured quite right, but I'm going to keep trying!
    Thanks again!