Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Roses and Blue Pitcher - Daily Painting

I don't do daily paintings, although many painters I admire do them regularly or have done them at times in the past.  I'm convinced it's a worthwhile undertaking for practice, experimentation and brush mileage..  I've been working on paintings lately that take a lot of time, and while it's fun to watch the images emerge over a series of sessions in the studio, I miss the gratification of sitting down for an hour or two and creating a 'finished' work.  I've always been drawn to alla prima painting techniques and small daily paintings foster that approach. 

Today I clipped a few roses from the garden and found a blue trimmed pitcher among my meager still life props and made this simple setup.    I sure need practice painting roses!  They are a challenge!  But within an hour or so, I'd competed this little 6" x 6" painting.  For lack of a better term, I think of it as a "daily painting."  Great practice and fun to do. 

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  1. Your painting has a very fresh look. I do like the roses and the leaves are quite nice. Good to see this one.

  2. Until you said you sure need practice painting roses I thought they were beautiful...
    The jug is gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for the very nice comments. I guess it goes to show that we should never judge our own work!!