Monday, May 27, 2013

Suchitra's Model #2 UPDATED

Nothing seems to expose problems in a painting like the old artist's trick of looking at it in a mirror.  It's amazing what jumps out as obvious when you do that.  In a similar way, taking a photograph and studying it later is just as effective.  After I made my original post of this particular painting, I saw several problems that bugged me and needed attention.  I think I have everything straightened out now.

I like this particular portrait study.  The blonde hair came out well....I stopped when I should have, successfully resisting the urge to start being clever and over painting it, as I often do.  The result is a light, airiness that feels authentic. The coloring came out better that usual as well.  The eyes are in deep shade which was quite a challenge to recreate.  It was a test of  painting values.  I also like the background.  I felt there were some lessons learned on this one. 

Suchitra's Model No. 2    12" x 9" Oil on linen panel

My Art Site: Bruce Hancock Fine Art

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