Saturday, April 13, 2013

Renewal: a landscape

I tend to separate landscape subject matter into two categories, "pure" landscapes and "architectural" landscapes.  Neither is a particularly accurate description, but that's how it seems to break down to me.  I much prefer landscapes with 'architecture' in them.  The architecture can be anything from the tried and true barn to a tractor or old truck.  Whatever the case, the architecture provides a focus point with edges and shapes that are recognizable (hopefully) and provide interest.  Pure landscapes on the other hand are a real challenge for me.  Subtle colors and shadows can be difficult to capture accurately, while an overwhelming amount of detail can make it difficult to find and define a center of interest.  I think one key is to not be a slave to what's in front of you, whether it is a photograph or a plein air scene. 

In this painting, from a photograph, I tried hard to not get caught up in detail.  I also consciously tried to define the center of interest (focal point) with definition, brush strokes and light.  Conversely, I tried to keep detail to a minimum in other parts of the painting while also avoiding strong brushwork and highlights. 

My materials were my usual assortment of primarily Rembrandt oils, including Transparent Oxide Red, Olive Green, Ultramarine Deep with a little Titanium White and Yellow Ochre.  The canvas was acrylic gesso preprimed cotton canvas roll.  I added another coat of oil based primer before starting.  The canvas was taped to a board.  When it dries I will have the choice of stretching it or gluing it down on masonite or something similar. 

I call it "Renewal" 8" x 16"  oil on canvas.

Renewal   Oil on Canvas  8" x 16"

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  1. The painting, "Renewal" is gorgeous. The landscape is full and you have managed to keep our eyes interested and moving easily around the canvas. Very nice!