Saturday, April 27, 2013

Meeting Kathleen Dunphy

There are special moments along the way that I know will continue to bring a smile years from now.  Yesterday my FatBoy friend Steve Kobely (aka Sterling Saguarro) and I journeyed to Douglas Flat near Murphy's California to experience one.

In an earlier post I expressed my excitement over receiving a merit award at the Ironstone Winery "Spring Obsession" art show.  Of course it was a pleasure to have my painting, "Miner's Cabin" selected, but the special part of that was that the judge who selected it was Kathleen Dunphy, nationally known plein air artist. ( )  Now THAT was exciting.

Although I got to thank Kathleen and shake her hand during the flurry of activity at the show reception, I didn't get a picture.   My FatBoy buddies, Steve and Mike Tompkins (aka Tall Fescue), badgered me into writing Kathleen to ask for a photo op, something I'd never do on my own.  Amazingly, Kathleen gratiously agreed and yesterday I met her in Douglas Flat near Murphys for the big event.  Kathleen was holding a workshop for 15 painters (all her workshops are sold out well in advance!) and at lunch break we took the photos.

She could not have been more gracious.  And as for myself...well, it was a special moment in my artist's journey.  Thanks Kathleen...once again.

Kathleen Dunphy

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  1. Toutes mes sincères félicitations... Gros bisous.

  2. Bruce, Congratulations on your award. What fun it must have been to meet Kathleen Dunphy.

  3. Congratulations. Kathleen Dunphy is a marvelous painter to know she liked your work is really grand.

  4. Nicely done and congratulations, Bruce. Very nice photos!

  5. Thank you Ruth, Shirley and Kansas...It was one of those things I never would have done without my friends prodding me endlessly. I wrote her and asked just to shut them up! I'm glad I was just a beautiful day for a trip into the foothills...and meeting Kathleen was one of life's little moments that make it all worth the effort.

  6. Martine-Alison, thank you for visiting again from so far away.