Sunday, January 13, 2013

South Fork Yuba River - A Small Study

Many, many years ago, I spent some of the best summer vacations of my life in a large cabin along the South Fork of the Yuba River, not far from the little town of North San Juan.  My cousins and the life-long friends of theirs who owed the place all called it "The Ranch".  There were half wild horses, forests and the cold clear river.  And, of course, the "diving rock".  Unfortunately it burned down some time ago, but the good memories of swimming all day in the river will remain with me forever.

A few years ago, my cousin Karen and I took a drive back into the past to North San Juan.  Although we couldn't locate where the Ranch had been, we knew we were close.  I took this photo very near the spot where we once swam as kids.  Today I was in the studio, came across it and did this small study.

Memories of The Ranch  oil on 8" x 6" panel

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