Friday, January 4, 2013

Accepted! SFAC Juried "Celebrating California" Show

I'm pleased to say that my painting, "Final Rest - Noyo Harbor" was accepted in the Sacramento Fine Arts Center juried show, "Celebrating California."  The show is currently on-going at the Art Center.

Final Rest - Noyo Harbor    Plein Air oil on canvas  16 x 20

  The best in show award went to Steve Walters for a striking full sheet watercolor.  Steve captured an amazing sense of light and summertime.  It's more and more obvious to me that in paintings that stand out from the group, the artist has "captured the light."  As I look at my painting above, I see that I didn't do that.  When I started the painting, there was a very strong, clear morning light coming from the left that is missing in my painting.  In trying to think why that is so, I suspect that by the time I was bringing the painting to a close that light had changed to a general midday sun without real distinction.  Even in that case, however, I don't have a strong sense of light in the painting.  Something to think about and learn from.  There's so much to learn!  Wow, painting is such a challenge!

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