Sunday, August 26, 2012

Workshop with Fongwei Liu

Oak Park artist and gallery owner Patris arranged for Fongwei Liu to conduct a three day workshop at her studio.   I was excited to sign up...Fongwei is one of those Chinese painters who so intrigue me.  I've been following his blog for some time, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to meet him and benefit from his experience and skill.

We spend the first day in the Studio.  Fongwei gave a  lecture on the components of a painting....composition, value, edges, paint application.  After that we painted from photo references we brought from home.

Fongwei Liu (white shirt) at Patris Studio August 2012

My painting for the day was from a photo I took while in New Mexico several years ago.  It's 12 x 16 on a Raymar panel.  Time about 3 hours.  Early on in this painting, I felt I had lost it, but with some suggestions from Fongwei, I think I brought it back.  While I worked on this I was very conscious of composition and value.  There are parts of this painting that would benefit from additional work, which I may yet do.   Overall, however,  I was pleased with the outcome.

New Mexico ranch house 12 x 16 oil on canvas panel. 
I'll post additional paintings done at the workshop over the next day or two.

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