Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to the Still Life Lessons

Another of the still life lessons from Dan Edmundson.  This actually happens to be the 10th and final lesson, but I have not yet done number 9.  I'll get to that this weekend, perhaps.  Then it's on to the landscape lessons.  There's a lot of glare on this picture.  I need to get a better one, but for now this will suffice.  I like the chiaroscuro effect of the painting.  A difficult effect to paint.  A series of glazes would probably greatly improve this painting.  Another fun one, but challenging too.  

Flowers, Vase and Grapes  16" x 12" oil on canvas panel


  1. I just discovered your blog so have not read all of it from the beginning, but I will. Since you live near where I have my heart, even after almost 2 decades in Maine, so could not resist reading about your art journey. I see that you are studying Daniel Edmondson's techniques and his influence is apparent in this painting....very nicely done. Good luck.

  2. Hi Sondra...thank you for the nice comments. This is actually one of the lessons in Dan's still life course. If you scan back through the posts, you'll see the previous six or seven. I have two to go. When I get through the entire thing, I plan to post about my experience. I take it you are a Northern Californian? Or used to be, I should say! 20 years of Maine should be long enough to have you talking funny! Thanks again and stop by again soon.