Monday, July 13, 2015

I Once Fell In Love with a Beautiful Dancer --- Oil on canvas panel.

I once fell in love with a beautiful dancer   8" x 16"  oil on canvas panel

I have failed many times to capture this beautiful subject.  Finally I think I did and what do you know...the key was to find and then paint my own response.  

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    1. Thank you for saying that Neil! It was exactly what I was trying to capture: a moment, a look, a little 'jolt' that was definitely there in real life. It's so elusive and undefinable. I'm very glad you "felt" it too....that's the best compliment possible.


  2. I hope you meet this lady some day. She would be fascinated to see this painting. It is lovely and the dancer is beautiful.

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Wouldn't that be fun!? Thank you as always for your support and good words. (And by the way, it was your expert use of "cropping" that I had in mind as I selected this odd canvas size and viewpoint.)