Thursday, January 29, 2015

Green Vase and Boy With Dogs Figurine - Still Life

I've been working on a large night scene of Noyo Harbor recently and whilc I was waiting for passages to dry I decided to start a new still life.  I found some small branches just outside my studio and arranged them around a green vase that I haven't painted before.  I found it last summer at a yard sale.  I needed something more on the right side of the painting,but I didn't have any grapes or flowers right at hand.  I did however have a little figurine I had purchased at the thrift store recently while hunting for still life 'props'.  What the heck...I plopped it in.

I other words, I didn't take my time and carefully set the stage before beginning.  When will I learn to slow down that rush to get the brush moving?  Because of that, I spent extra time as I went along composing on the fly.  And because I spent several painting sessions on this, when most of my still life paintings are done in one or two sessions, my plants keep dying and I had to keep replacing them!  A moving target, in other words.  But while my start left something to be desired, the painting began to come together after a while.  I was determined to see if I could do something with it, and I feel like I did OK.   In fact, I do like the figurine, even if the little boy and his puppy friends seem a bit out of place.  But then, it's good to keep in mind Norman Rockwell's statement that whenever his painting was not going well, he put a puppy in it.  So I'm just following the Master!!!

A fun experiment.....and darned if I don't like the painting. 

Green Vase with Boy and Dogs Figurine   12" x 16" Oil on stretched linen canvas
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  1. Nice post and a fun painting.
    I like this series of three still life paintings with the oranges.

  2. Hi Neil...
    I really enjoy doing these still life paintings. I can't say they always go smoothly - this one is a shining example of how not to go about it - but they always seem fund and relaxing to do. And I'm sure the little boy and his puppies will show up again....the next time things are going wrong!!
    Thanks for saying Hi.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, Peter. and thank you for stopping by again!