Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ft. Bragg and Mendocino in October. Spectacular!

McKerricher State Park just north of Ft. Bragg
For the third time (fourth??) I joined many artist friends at a Howard Rees workshop in Ft. Bragg and Mendocino.  October is a magnificent time on the coast, and this trip was proof!  Cool mornings, warm afternoons, and just one windy afternoon (an understatement...a couple of easels went over.) to  remind us that plein air painting is not for the timid.

Here are a few of the wonderful scenes that greeted us each day....and a some of the artists and friends who were along on the trip.  Not pictured....Julie, Vickie, Judy, Barbara, David, Renee. 

Bob ..traveled from Dallas Texas!!!


Howard, Bob, Ted, Norm

And here are some of the scenes I got to paint...

Mendocino  (This painting sold) 

Along the coast near Ft. Bragg


None of the pictures do the trip justice, but they do give a hint of the incredible scenery and beautiful weather we had.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the painters who came from Washington, Dallas, Berkeley, Vallejo, Rescue, Jackson, and other places I'm no doubt forgetting.  As you can see below, it was a great group!!

Dinner with friends in Ft. Bragg, CA October 2013. 


  1. Very nice composition on the Mendocino town painting [the one you indicate was sold]. All the elements are already there but your composition is much stronger.

  2. Thank you Neil. I'm trying more and more to free myself from what's actually in front of me and use it instead as a starting point. In this case I made very conscious decisions about what to delete or move or add early on. I'm pleased that you noticed that.