Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Summer Morning in Locke

The first Saturday of each month is a standing Sacramento Plein Air Painters gathering in Locke, California.  I don't always make it, but as anyone who reads my blog knows, Locke is one of my favorite places to paint around Sacramento.

I joined Martha Esch, a Locke shop owner, resident and facilitator of the Plein Air Painters Meetup site, along with several other painters for a gorgeous summer morning in Locke.  I've painted both of these buildings before, but this is the first time I've put both into the same scene.  I tried to keep things simple...going for the major shapes and resisting the temptation to paint every detail.  That can be a fatal error in Locke, where there is so much going on that it can be overwhelming.  I tried hard to remember to squint all the time, looking for the lights and darks and sticking with that.

This is a small 9 x 12 oil on a RayMar panel.
Locke 9.7.2013   Oil on canvas panel.  9" x 12"

Martha Esch snapped this picture.  I can truthfully say I never knew this was going on.  I think I need to step away from the easel once in a while.  My workshop instructors...Suchitra Bhosle, in particular...are always telling me that, but for a different reason.

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  1. Ha Ha, I hate when people stand there, drives me nuts, espcially when they are so quiet and then kind of shock you that they are there. When I was in Pacific Grove I was on the coast in town and walked away to get something out of the truck. when I turned back and group of Japanese tourist had gathered around and one of them picked up my biggest brush and held it next to the painting. they all started taking pictures and I was thinking someone is going to die if they touch that painting!!! Vickie

  2. Now picking up a brush and posing is a bit much, but I have to admit that I laughed out loud at your story. I can just picture you returning to find that going on! I wouldn't want to be the guy holding the brush, that's for sure!!