Monday, October 24, 2011

The First Day in Ft. Bragg Continued

In the afternoon the sun shifted to the west, of course, and we were able to now look east toward the Noyo Harbor area.  There are a lot of great structures and boats here.  Enough material for days of slopping paint on canvas.  The main challenge is finding a spot to set up and to get the light right.  On this day, I painted from across the river.
I really like the scene.  I think I took several photographs so I should be able to tackle another version in the studio.  In this case I used a 10" x 20" canvas panel.  I like these 1:2 ratio canvas sizes. They are perfect for landscapes.  I wish I had brought more for the trip.  I feel that the buildings on the left are a bit weak.  I may see if I can punch them up a bit with some contrast.  The light was coming in from the west (right) and it was bright and intense.  I didn't really capture that...but I should be able to add it now without much reworking.

All in all it was a great first day at Ft. Bragg.  Beautiful weather and great landscapes to challenge any artist to do their best.

 Ruth Andre on the first day.  She had a very successful trip.  Ruth's fabulous blog and her posts on our Ft. Bragg workshop can be found here:

Barbara found a great spot, but without an umbrella, that sun was BRIGHT!   Barbara and her husband Mario had just returned from New York where Barbara had a one-woman show.  The competition on these workshop trips is getting fierce!  Here's Barbara's'll see why she was having a show in New York!!

Ted gets going on day 1.  The sign isn't kidding, especially if Ted has brought along Thalo Green.  Ted had a great trip and managed to do one of the best paintings of the four days.  We didn't take a vote, but if we had, Ted would have gotten the prize, I think.


  1. Je connais le travail merveilleux de Ruth André... Je vous félicite pour cette jolie toile..
    Bravo à vous tous... Un moment certainement rempli de bonheur.

  2. Hi Bruce! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to Fort Bragg with you all, but I love seeing your work from that trip! Your values are what make your paintings so gorgeous! They really have punch! I love this blog, and will keep it as a favorite so I can see what you're up to!!! Ruth and I got to do some plein air painting in Amador City last Monday, and plan to meet Mondays for a while! I've gotten rusty in oils and love to be outdoors slopping paint on canvas! I've been concentrating on watercolor and teaching two mornings a week, thus not enough time for doing the OTHER art! (Oils)
    Your paintings really inspire me, Bruce! Keep up the great work!

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  4. JULIE!! So great to hear from you! Ruth told me you guys were going to be painting this fall. That's wonderful...I wish I could join you, but the office beckons on Mondays. Thank you for the nice comments. I wish you could have been with us...maybe next time. Meanwhile I hope you do some oil paint slopping! You're good at it, to say the least!