Friday, March 12, 2010

Books I've Found Worthwhile

In another post on this blog, I talked about two books that changed the way I paint.  I'll leave those two very special books in a post of their own while I talk about other books I find or have found along the way in this post. 

I've just received "Henry Yan's Figure Drawing, Techniques and Tips."  Essentially this is a book on life drawing, primarily in charcoal.  It is 9" x 12" format, entirely in black and white on very high quality glossy paper.  Mr. Yan's work, done in two to 30 minute (or slightly longer) sessions, is exquiste: loose, strong and at times almost impressionistic.  Although I am a fairly accomplished 'draftsman' -  developed during many years in the architectural design field - I have never had any formal art training where charcoal drawing is a fundamental study.  This book has inspired me to try some charcoal drawing at my next life drawing sessions.  Mr. Yan's book can be found at Amazon.  Here's a link, if you are interested.....
Henry Yan's Figure Drawing (Techniques and Tips)

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